NEW Banish Backcountry Multi-Caliber Suppressor From Silencer Central

The act of killing an animal is a simple one that requires minimal aid. Hunting, however, requires a substantial amount of gear. Depending on your date, location, and prey, you could quickly find yourself carrying 50+ pounds of equipment through trying terrain. Every ounce matters, especially when it comes to your firearm. Hunting with suppressorsContinue reading “NEW Banish Backcountry Multi-Caliber Suppressor From Silencer Central”

Silencer Central Joins Up With Outdoorsman Jim Shockey

The massive growth in suppressor popularity over the past few years has bled into the hunting world. Many hunters are seeing the benefits of hunting with suppressed firearms. This trend is great for companies like Silencer Central. To help nudge hunters along, Silencer Central has recruited some names to spread the word. Large among themContinue reading “Silencer Central Joins Up With Outdoorsman Jim Shockey”

Silencer Central Announces Updated Suppressor Buying Process

Like a two-year-old, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a gun quiet. The wait time to get a suppressor that you already paid for is legendary. The line at In-N-Out is nothing compared to the backed-up approval line at the ATF. One of the major issues is the archaic paper systemContinue reading “Silencer Central Announces Updated Suppressor Buying Process”

Guns & Ammo Silencer of the Year Won by Silencer Central BANISH 30

The suppressor market is very competitive. With most suppressor manufacturers offering products to fill the same roles, innovation is the key to standing out. The Silencer Central BANISH 30, which was recently featured on┬áSilencer Saturday, plays to win. After considering all of the options for this year, Guns & Ammo has named the BANISH 30Continue reading “Guns & Ammo Silencer of the Year Won by Silencer Central BANISH 30”