TrueTimber Meets Mossberg: The 940 Pro Waterfowl Shotgun

There’s nothing like an old pump shotgun. Well, maybe a new semi-automatic one with a 12+1 capacity! That’s exactly what we’re talking about with the new 940 Pro Snow Goose from Mossberg. In the same family, the 940 Pro Waterfowl Shotgun is purpose-built for taking home your fair share of ducks. If that’s not enough,Continue reading “TrueTimber Meets Mossberg: The 940 Pro Waterfowl Shotgun”

TrueTimber Introduces NEW Line of Dry Bags Plus Cooler

I don’t drink nearly enough water. My wife will even fill my large water bottle for me to make it easier. What it all comes down to is temperature. Many of us prefer to enjoy our favorite beverages cold. Keeping them cold can be a task. Fortunately, insolation technology has come a long way allowingContinue reading “TrueTimber Introduces NEW Line of Dry Bags Plus Cooler”