RMEF Injects $6M Into Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

Wyoming has some of the most beautiful and grand landscapes in the entire country. Similarly, the elk that live there are some of the most majestic animals in the deer family. Both of these picturesque resources need protecting, and that’s where the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation comes in. They’ve been providing aid to Wyoming sinceContinue reading “RMEF Injects $6M Into Wyoming Elk Habitat Research”

Big Horn Armory Donates $2,000 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Seeing the outdoor industry care for their communities makes me proud to be a part of it. These past few years have been tough for a lot of us, and for some, work has been scarce. This is why programs like Hunters for the Hungry seek to lift up those who have stumbled along theirContinue reading “Big Horn Armory Donates $2,000 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation”

Wyoming To Petition For Delisting of Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are currently protected at a federal level – noting its 46-year, $52 million effort to protect grizzly numbers – Wyoming now wishes to take over. In the next couple of weeks, Governor Mark Gordon will petition the federal government for the delisting of grizzlies. Click the link to read the details on AllOutdoor.Continue reading “Wyoming To Petition For Delisting of Grizzly Bears”

Dunham’s Sports Opening First Store in Rock Springs, Wyoming

It seems that in a time when many stores are still being forced to close, Dunham’s Sports is thriving. In fact, the superstore has already opened three new stores this year with more on the horizon. One of these stores is Dunham’s first in the great state of Wyoming. Rock Springs, Wyoming can expect to welcome the store thisContinue reading “Dunham’s Sports Opening First Store in Rock Springs, Wyoming”

Wyoming Elk Habitat is $4.5 Million Richer Thanks to RMEF

Wyoming contains some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. Making the most use out of these landscapes are the animals and creatures who live there. In an effort to get more people involved in using these wonderful resources, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its partners granted $4.5 million for elk habitat enhancement in Wyoming. Learn moreContinue reading “Wyoming Elk Habitat is $4.5 Million Richer Thanks to RMEF”