Modern Motion Introduces World’s Largest Floor Safe – Vulcan Safe Lifts

After seeing Carole Bouquet in For Your Eyes Only, I wanted nothing more than to be James Bond. I even have a similar Walther PP to the one he used in Dr. No. While knowing James Reeves is a close second to that dream, our James will probably have a much harder time concealing all the spy gadgets in his hotpants. Part of any solid spy fantasy is the hidden gun room. From I Spy to Kingsman, no spy fiction is complete without one. Now, you can have one of your very own. Modern Motion, a design company based in Texas, has just introduced their Vulcan Safe Lift, which turns any safe into a floor safe.

COUPLAND, Texas, December 9, 2020 ( – Modern Motion is pleased to introduce the Vulcan Safe Lift, which turns any large capacity safe into a waterproof, fireproof, fast access floor safe.

Many homeowners require fast access to their valuable collections of firearms while also achieving safe and secure storage. The Vulcan Safe Lift was designed to be the most secure storage system available, while still providing immediate and convenient access at the press of a button. Out of sight, secure, fireproof and waterproof, a Vulcan Safe Lift is the only product that can truly protect your firearms collection from any potential threat.

Hide It in the Floor – Vulcan Safe Lift

Vulcan Safe Lifts
Vulcan Safe Lifts

Modern Motion is a company that specializes in home automation and was launched by one of the founders of TrackingPoint. The Vulcan Safe Lift is made to accommodate safes up to 2,000 pounds. Using your fingerprint (or other available options) the Vulcan brings your safe from underground to accessible in less than 10 seconds. Pricing starts at $4,995 if your house is a new construction. If not, you need to contact Modern Motion for a quote.

In uncertain times, knowing that your firearms are secure is certain to take a load off your shoulders. If this is in your price range, head over to the Modern Motion website for…um…details. Do you think this is a good option to store your firearms? Let us know what you think.

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