Gallo Scrive Stickers For Sale!

I love stickers. I have a giant bag of them that I use from time to time. If you love stickers, too, today is your lucky day! Gallo Scrive and Brutal Rooster stickers are now available. Each pack includes one Gallo Scrive sticker and one Brutal Rooster spaghetti sticker. Each pack of two ships to you for $3.00.

I got a deal on these, and I hate when people try to charge $5 per sticker, so I’ve decided to keep the price very low. I can’t promise I’ll get a deal on future stickers, so take advantage of today’s price!

If you’d like to get in on the action, head over to my Instagram @the_brutal_rooster and send me a DM. You can also send me an email through the contact section on this site. I appreciate your support. Thank you for contributing to the page and allowing me to continue doing my dream job.

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